UID Card
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UID Card

Unique Identification Authority of India:

  • Unique identification authority of India is a government agency. Work of this organization is to handle the project of unique identification cards. Under this aadhaar project, nature of this uid card is multipurpose and thus is referred to as multipurpose national identity cards.
  • Creation of this project took place in year 2009 in the month of February.
  • Unique numbers are provided to very Indian. All these numbers are stored in a common database.
  • The person who is on the rank of cabinet is supposed to govern this agency.
  • This agency is an important part of planning commission of India. First chairman of this agency is nandan nilekani (Infosys technologies former co chairman).
  • Director General as well as mission director- Ram sewak Sharma (Jharkhand government’s IAS officer).

Features of Aadhar Uid Card:

  • Number of aadhaar uid card is comprised of 12 digits. This number will be given to every person residing in India.
  • All the numbers will be placed in a common database which will contain information related to biometrics as well as demographics details. Biometric details include photograph, iris and finger prints.

An individual cannot create any fake identity. The number for aadhar uid card is generated in a random manner.  It is not based on factors such as religion, caste or creed.

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